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A complete failure

In December 2012 I started HGL, At 21st March 2013 I announced the first release to the public.

Killer Queen


Up to today the feedback was ZERO!

Not even one single eMail, just simply nothing! I guess the few people downloading and installed it, saw how much crap without hope, sense and future it is and deleted it immediately. I don't know, since I get no feedback. So I can consider HGL as a complete failure, a piece of nonsense bullshit. A few worthless lines of even more horrible code.


But ok, I accept it. For me personally it was and is important and without bothering the public I will continue on it.Sorry.  HGL will stay my personal research object and I will do the most to get it more and more to an utter complete piece of bullshit.


Many thanks for the honest disinterest in HGL. I apologize to have bothered you with that entire piece of shit. Please stay to completely ignore it. I won't answer mails to THIS post now.


I apologize in advance, but I will continue to use Sourceforge, Launchpad and sometimes openSUSE build service, but STRONGLY recoomend you not to add the repository or subscribe to it. Your PCs and your brain will be thankful of it not to be forced to deal with that HGL crap.



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